Monday, February 6, 2012


This one time, I got flowers from God himself.

Well, not exactly. It wasn't like God came down on a chariot of cloud and handed me the (somewhat pitiful) bouquet, and then drove himself back up to heaven. But it was pretty close.

My roommate and her boyfriend got in a small disagreement the other night. It isn't really any of my business, but this time I was involved in the disagreement, and the boyfriend and I exchanged words. As my roommate is also one of my best friends, I found it advantageous to reconcile with him. We discussed our differences, made some compromises, and became friends again. Everyone was happy.

But the boyfriend bought flowers for my roommate, to express how sorry he was for fighting. That was good. He had been kind of a jerk, and she deserved the flowers. But boy was I jealous.

I was mostly mad at God. I had gone through the crap of the fight, hadn't I? And yet nobody liked me enough to get me flowers. I complained at God for a solid two days about why He hadn't given me a boyfriend, and why He didn't provide me with flowers or somebody to buy me them. I sounded like an irritable three year old. It was a very mature response, I'm sure God was impressed by how I handled myself. Then I got busy with life, and I forgot about the whole thing.

A few days later, I played in a composition recital. A composition student composed a piece with a percussion part, and he asked me to play in the recital only a week before. It was pretty stressful to learn the part on such short notice, and composers are notoriously demanding and ridiculous (who rehearses at 9 PM?), but I enjoyed the experience nonetheless.

When we finished performing at the recital, the composer came out with a huge armful of flowers.

"Thanks so much for helping me with this recital!" he exclaimed, handing out bouquets of flowers. "I really appreciate your help! You all did a great job!"

I took the flowers, and held them to my nose. They smelled lovely, and in my mind I sensed God smirking at me.

"Are you happy now?" I could almost hear him ask. "There's your flowers, just like you wanted. See? Don't I always provide for you?" 

It was a great day.