Sunday, January 29, 2012

Changes (Again)

Recently, God and I had a slight disagreement. To paraphrase, it went something like this.

God: Why do you think I'm not fixing it?
Me: Because I still see badness, duh.
God: You should listen to all these people telling you about how I am God and you are not, and how I don't have to break the rules I created in the world to change the world.
Me: Oh.
God: Are you listening now?
Me: ...yeah.
God: Good, because you're part of this. PS, you should probably start writing stuff, because you're going to be doing that. A lot.
Me: NOOO. I'm not good at writing! I'm good at... not writing! Make Allie [my roommate] do it! Or Ashleigh [my best friend at home]! They're good at that sort of thing!
God: I thought you were listening now.
Me: ...oh.
God: Okay, go do stuff!

And so, I resurrected the blog. Writing is a pretty scary prospect for me, and I can't say I have a ton of spare time for blogging, but God communicated rather strongly that this is important, so who am I to argue?